Now a day we are listening that what is the corona virus .This virus was come from where . So let;s start to know about the corona virus .It become a very big problem for the china

If you are want to know about the corona so continue reading this blog .Because here we are give you a knowledge about corona virus and how to save your self with the decease of Corona .Corona virus is that the type of virus which was affected to the animals and birds .Although It affected the people of china .This virus is come from the snakes and bate .this virus is very dangerous .

China people eat the snakes and bate so this disease is increase the whole world .I give you a huge information about the Corona

First of all look that what is the symptoms of it .And how to protect it .This virus is come from the Wuhan of city china this virus is find out of animals . this virus is killed the above of fifteen hundred people .It spread of all world .Slowly slowly it come to every city .

This virus is spread through the people sneezing both together .It spread from touch and shake hand .This virus is effected mostly the 60 and above person . This virus effected the only the person who is already ill . Because it effected only ill person who has a immunity power week .

It is very sad news that this virus vaccine is not available now .Because this virus vaccine making to take the time 10 to 12 month .So it is become very impossible to relief the person.The whole world doctors and government are very tens because it have no any solution people may dead .THANK YOU


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