Blogging is the platform in which you present your ideas, opinion and experience .And describe the audience to how they make bright future in blogging .

It is my experience which was i share with you . blogging is the best option for your bright future .In which you tell the people to how they make own blogs and wright the blog about any product.When you start to make your blog you have no ideas . And you confused that in which i make my blog . So that the mane point . In this way you present your own experience and telling the audience that they make the blogs in which .

If you make the future in blogging about to write the product so that it is very most important to know about the product . It is very important that you are how much know about product without clear information you not present their experience about the product of your audience .

If you confused that what is the best topic for blogging in this way you tell their audience good ideas which was you self experienced. in the platform of blogging you never thing that it make you more money earlier. No in this platform you have take long time but i still tell you it gave you more money after seen your hard work ,your experience and your knowledge. And google see your blog that it is really perfect and gave the knowledge of audience . then google proved your blogs and then after you earn the money.

In the way of networking i think blogging is the best idea for future otherwise you have no any ideas. thanku.

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